Intuitive and powerful construction software

A software that does the heavy lifting for you

Flair Bots is simple and easy to get started. It does project management, workflow scheduling, stakeholder management, etc.

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  • Integration with analytics and reporting tools such as Tableau
  • Talk to our friendly support staff to discuss integration solutions

Workflow and scheduling

  • Set up construction workflow activities based on house type
  • Schedule suppliers and contractors¬†appointments
  • Receive acceptance, decline feedback through email notification
  • View and manage purchase orders online
  • Upload documents and photos
  • Send claim activities to accounts team online¬†
  • Reports based on activity status, vendors etc

Upload photos and documents

  • Upload and manage pre-sales, administration and construction documents and photos
  • Categorise document and control permissions
  • Archive old documents

Get started today

Flair Bots is a Tech Creations product. It is easy to use and comes with a free residential construction workflow template to help you get going quickly.

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